Trane 824 CC

Trane 824 Comfort Control

Full color 7 day programmable thermostat with touch screen, user-friendly design, guided scheduling, and remote operation via Wi-Fi and Nexia app.

Honeywell Redlink8000.

Honeywell Redlink 8000

Seven (7) day programmable thermostat with touch screen, simple interface, and wireless sensor.

Honeywell T6_Pro

Honeywell T6 Wi-Fi

Programmable thermostat with touch screen, simple interface, and remote connection via Wi-Fi and Honeywell app.

Honeywell T4.

Honeywell T4

Programmable thermostat with a simple interface.

Water Leak Alert

Water Leak Alert

Emergency water detector alerts you audibly and via phone notification if water is present, preventing costly water damage.

Surge Protector.

Surge Protector

Automatically prevents electrical surges and dips from damaging sensitive electrical equipment.

Duct smoke Detector

Duct Smoke Detector

Designed to prevent recirculation of dangerous smoke by shutting down air handling systems and alerting you when smoke is detected.

Carbon Monoxide Detector.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Plug-in unit that detects the presence of dangerous carbon monoxide gas and audibly alerts you. By law, all homes need to have at least one.

Soft Start Kit.

Soft Start Kit

Reduces the amount of power needed to start your unit, extending the life of your system while preventing light dimming.

Boiler Water Treatment.

Boiler Water Treatment

Stabilizes your boiler's water to prevent internal corrosion and part failure.

Blower Upgrade.

Blower Upgrade

Upgrade your existing comfort system with ECM blower technology, improved airflow, indoor air quality, and lowered operation cost.

High Flow Air Register.

Hi Airflow Register

More airflow from your supply registers means more even temperatures throughout your home.