“Clint DeFries was the first and last person we were in contact at Foss Heating. He gave us confidence his company could meet our needs and do it expeditiously. My husband and I both agree the professional team of Clint, Jacob and Kyle were a pleasure to deal with.”
- Gail E.

“Thermostat installation was the final step in completing our new furnace installation. JACOB was professional and knowledgeable and was able to answer all our questions without hesitation. It was a pleasure to work with him.”

- Keith E.

“My on demand gas hot water boiler was not producing much heat. Service tech Brett Madden went above and beyond to locate the problem. He is an extremely knowledgeable service man. In a relatively short amount of time he was able to locate the problem and fix it. This included crawling and the house to inspect our plumbing.
I am very happy with Foss and would recommend them highly. Thank you Brett and Foss for getting us back our hot water!”

- Paul D.

“Mike is definitely my hero! With this record cold, both my furnace and on-demand hot water heater froze up and stopped working. Mike was able to fix the problems, and did so in a competent and efficient manner. He explained everything he was doing, and why he was doing it. He was also extremely considerate and pleasant. Thank you so much, Mike!”

- Laurie C.

“I’m a general contractor. I’ve had people work for me in the past and the guys on site exceeded our expectations a hundred fold. They were courteous, they answered our questions. How they work said that they care about us. Josh, he was in the house drilling a hole in the sheet rock and my wife had some knick knacks right below them and he said, and I need to cover those up or I’m going to get dust all over them. It’s things like that that they paid attention to and really impressed us.”

- Gary B.

Andre not only showed up on time but was friendly and personable. He invited me to tag along with him to learn more about the system. First he disconnected the outside unit from power and opened the electronics compartment. He said he had guessed the problem might be the capacitor. He was right — it looked a little swollen. I couldn’t tell, but I’m not a technician.
Andre replaced the capacitor and continued with analysis of the system finding a failing scrubber (also replaced).
Andre showed me some mechanisms on the heat pump and educated me on what exactly the capacitor does. His invitation to have me follow along tells me of his confidence in his own knowledge of how the system works and how to fix it. This is important.
Andre continued with testing and maintenance (including a flush of the hot water heater and vacuuming the air intake).
The heat pump is working fine now and we are scheduled for our next maintenance in December. Our house faces East and has windows all along that wall so it turns into a greenhouse on sunny days. The heat pump keeps it comfortable during those times.
Once again, Andre was professional, competent and fun to talk to. This has been our experience with all of our dealings with Foss.
Thank you to Andre and all the staff in support.
By the way, Foss’s communication on appointments is excellent.
Thanks again.

- S C.

Information was great. He was very kind and knowledgeable, Thank you for have such a great employee, you have gotten a forever client.
Michael was a breath of fresh air compared to some of the experiences we have had in recent years.

Thank You again

- Melanie N.

Arrival time was well communicated and updated. Brett was very professional and friendly. The results were well documented and explained. No pressure to upgrade or purchase additional services. An excellent example of how a maintenance visit should go.

- Dennis S.

“I called two other heating companies before Foss, they wouldn’t even give me a call back.

Foss sent a guy out the same day , Jarrod did an excellent job in diagnosis and repair and cleanup. Foss is my new go to heating company!”

– William L.

'- William L.

“Michael came out to do the first maintenance on a duel fuel HVAC system that FOSS installed last year. He was very professional, knowledgable and personable, and even stayed late on a Friday afternoon to install an air scrubber that was not part of the original plan. I had been thinking about one recently, and he provided a lot of information, and gave me time to do my research online while he did his maintenance. Since he had an ozone-free model in the truck, he just installed it then and there. And cheerfully too, esp at 5 PM on a Friday. Very excellent service”

– Barb T.

'- Barb T.
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