Heat Pump Repair in Camano Island, WA 98282

Andre not only showed up on time but was friendly and personable. He invited me to tag along with him to learn more about the system. First he disconnected the outside unit from power and opened the electronics compartment. He said he had guessed the problem might be the capacitor. He was right — it looked a little swollen. I couldn’t tell, but I’m not a technician.
Andre replaced the capacitor and continued with analysis of the system finding a failing scrubber (also replaced).
Andre showed me some mechanisms on the heat pump and educated me on what exactly the capacitor does. His invitation to have me follow along tells me of his confidence in his own knowledge of how the system works and how to fix it. This is important.
Andre continued with testing and maintenance (including a flush of the hot water heater and vacuuming the air intake).
The heat pump is working fine now and we are scheduled for our next maintenance in December. Our house faces East and has windows all along that wall so it turns into a greenhouse on sunny days. The heat pump keeps it comfortable during those times.
Once again, Andre was professional, competent and fun to talk to. This has been our experience with all of our dealings with Foss.
Thank you to Andre and all the staff in support.
By the way, Foss’s communication on appointments is excellent.
Thanks again.

– S C.